CareFor Ultra Women's Panty

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The CareFor Ultra Women's Panty is a specialized garment designed to provide discreet and reliable protection against urinary incontinence for women. Constructed with innovative materials, these panties feature built-in absorbent layers that effectively capture and lock away moisture, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the day. With their seamless and form-fitting design, they offer both comfort and discretion, allowing women to maintain their confidence and independence while managing urinary incontinence. Overall, the CareFor Ultra Women's Panty provides peace of mind and enhanced quality of life for women experiencing bladder control issues.

  • The Carefor Ultra undergarments are a groundbreaking advancement in antimicrobial protection that eliminates the nuisance of odor, embarrassment, and inconvenience.
  • Through every wash in chlorine bleach, the reusable garment continues to provide powerful germ and odor-killing capabilities.
  • It effectively eliminates the unpleasant urine odors caused by incontinence, swiftly eradicating 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within 10 minutes of contact.
  • The top layer, made of ultrasoft moisture-wicking material, ensures that the user stays dry and comfortable.
  • The highly absorbent inner layer rapidly traps fluids for maximum protection.
  • This undergarment also offers 100% waterproof coverage, making it highly reliable and efficient.
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin and more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than disposable alternatives.


  • Brand : Carefor
  • Weight : 0.220462 lbs
  • Sizes : Large 34 x 39 Inches, Medium 29 x 33 Inches, X-Large 40 x 48 Inches