Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench with Opening

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The Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench with Opening is a specialized piece of equipment designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges in safely transferring in and out of the bathtub. This transfer bench features a sturdy, corrosion-resistant frame that spans the width of the bathtub, providing a stable platform for users to sit on while bathing. The bench is equipped with a convenient opening in the seat, allowing users to easily access the bathtub without having to step over the edge. Additionally, the bench is height-adjustable to accommodate different bathtub heights and user preferences. With its ergonomic design and safety features, the Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench with Opening offers individuals increased independence and peace of mind during bathing activities.

  • Commode Seat Opening and Bucket: Ideal for individuals dealing with incontinence or IBS, this shower bench with a commode opening restores independence and safety, alleviating concerns during bathing. Choose left or right-handed entry based on your preferences or physical limitations with the bath bench's reversible seat back flexibility.
  • Non-Slip Texture on Bench and Backrest: Enhanced with a non-slip texture, the bench and backrest ensure a secure bathing experience, minimizing the risk of slips and providing added safety during use.
    Ensure the perfect height for your bath tub bench with this easily adjustable shower bench, accommodating a diverse range of users for personalized comfort.
  • Lightweight and Durable, Supports up to 300 lbs: Crafted from lightweight yet durable plastic, this tub transfer bench provides reliable support. With a robust 300 lbs weight capacity, it serves as a heavy-duty shower bench capable of enduring daily use and exposure to water without damage.


  • Brand: Carex
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.
  • Padded: No
  • Bucket Opening: Yes
  • Seat Height Adjustable From: 18 inches - 21 inches
  • Product Type:Transfer Bench