Carex Day-light Sky Light Therapy Lamp

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Carex Day-Light Sky Light Therapy Lamp is a therapeutic light designed to mimic natural sunlight and alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal affective disorder and other forms of light-related mood disorders. With its sleek and user-friendly design, this lamp provides a bright, white light that helps regulate circadian rhythms and improve overall mood. The Carex Day-Light Sky Lamp is a portable and effective solution for individuals seeking the benefits of light therapy, especially during seasons with limited exposure to natural sunlight.

  • Two-light settings: Provides 10,000 LUX in the two-light setting and offers convenient task lighting in the one-light setting.
  • BrightZone Technology: Engineered and tested to deliver the recommended 10,000 LUX field of illumination for maximum therapeutic benefit.
  • Compact design: The Day-Light Sky light enclosure is 33% smaller than the Day-Light Classic, maintaining the same field of illumination and offering versatility for the user.
  • White diffusing lens: Eliminates glare and ensures a uniform distribution of light- Warm light emission: Two 55-watt light tubes emit warm light, minimizing potential harm from blue rays.
  • UV ray filtration: Hi-impact polycarbonate lens filters out 99.3% of harmful UV rays.
  • Height adjustable arm: Enables the light to be positioned at the optimal height.
  • Angle adjustment: Allows the light to be positioned at the optimal angle, adhering to recommendations from light therapy experts.
  • Flicker-free operation: Engineered with high-efficiency electronic ballasts, ensuring a flicker-free experience and eliminating the annoyance associated with ordinary fluorescent fixtures.


  • Product Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • Color: White
  • LUX: 10,000 at 12 to 14 Inches
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Material: Metal/Plastic
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Angle Adjustable: Yes
  • Classification: Clinical/Medical
  • Level of Sunlight Deprivation: Severe
  • Color Temperature: 4000 K
  • Projects Light from Above: Yes
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Light Spectrum Type: Full-Spectrum
  • Screen Size: 13.5 x 10 Inches
  • Number of Light Settings: Two 
  • UV Protection: 100%