Carex EZ Grabber 32 Inches With Twist Shaft & Wrist Support

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Transform your daily tasks with the multi-functional Carex EZ Grabber 32 Inches. This ergonomic tool boasts a seamless and comfortable user experience, thanks to its impressive Twist Shaft and Wrist Support features. The unique twist shaft allows for effortless maneuverability, ensuring accurate and efficient grabs every time. The integrated wrist support adds an extra layer of stability and reduces strain during operation. This versatile grabber is perfect for a wide range of uses, providing a convenient solution for anyone in need of assistance with reaching, grabbing, or picking up items. Elevate your daily routine with the EZ Grabber 32 Inches, offering a perfect blend of practicality and user-friendly design for improved accessibility.

  • The lightweight Carex EZ Grabber 32 Inches is designed with a Twist Shaft and Wrist Support, making it easy to handle.
  • Available in both 26 and 36-inch sizes, it caters to different needs and preferences.
  • Its rubber suction cups provide a non-slip grip, allowing for precise handling of objects.
  • With its longer length, it is ideal for accessing items at higher or lower heights.
  • Adding stability and control, the E-Z snap-on wrist support is convenient and practical.
  • The grabber also features a simple release locking mechanism and a 90-degree rotation for easy access to objects.


  • Brand : Carex
  • Package Dimensions : 14.96 x 6.73 x 1.46 inches