Carex Uplift Seat Assist Regular

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The Carex Uplift Seat Assist Regular is a cutting-edge mobility aid crafted to assist individuals with restricted mobility in safely and comfortably rising from a seated position. Its unique self-powered lifting mechanism, driven by a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, smoothly assists users in transitioning from sitting to standing without the need for electricity or batteries. This discreet solution provides independence and reduces the risk of falls or strain for those with weak muscles or mobility challenges due to aging, injury, or illness.

  • Self-Powered Lift Mechanism :The seat assist is often self-powered, meaning it does not require electricity or batteries. The user activates the lift by pushing down on the seat, and it automatically provides assistance.
  • Weight Capacity :Different models may have varying weight capacities, so it's essential to choose a model that can support the user's weight.
  • Portability :Some models are designed to be portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. This can be beneficial for individuals who may need assistance both at home and outside.
  • Adjustability :The seat assist may have adjustable settings to accommodate different user weights and preferences.
  • Easy to Clean :Many models are made with materials that are easy to clean, which is important for maintaining hygiene.


    • Brand : Carex
    • Weight : 0.575 lb
    • Type : Seat Cushion
    • Color : Black
    • Seat Dimensions: 19 inches D x 17 inches W