Cellex Dry Heat Media Container

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Cellex Dry Heat Media is the original and optimal choice for your Fluidotherapy device. This natural, organic cellulose medium is environmentally friendly and designed for efficient performance. The convenient 10 lb container makes storage and handling simple, and ensures you have enough for initial setup.


  • Original Fluidotherapy Medium: Ensures compatibility and optimal performance with your device
  • Natural and Organic Cellulose: Safe and environmentally conscious.
  • Recyclable: Contributes to an eco-friendly approach.
  • Convenient 10 lb Container: Simplifies storage and handling.
  • Initial Supply Included: Provides enough media to fill your Fluidotherapy tank upon purchase.
  • Regular Replacement Recommended: Replace every 3 months for peak performance and hygiene.


  • Type: Dry Heat Media
  • Material: Natural and Organic Cellulose
  • Container Size: 10 lb (5 kg)

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