Chaneco Multi Use Flex-E-Core Boot Pediatric Leeder

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The Chaneco Multi Use Boot features Flex-e-core technology for effortless adjustability and a soft interface that offers maximum comfort. It is equipped with dorsiflexion straps for precise adjustments and is designed to fit custom and return the range of motion to neutral. With the ability to adjust to 30 degrees in both planterflexion and dorsiflexion, this boot is versatile and offers a wide range of possibilities.
The innovative Flex-e-core ferro-plastic composite allows for customization without the need of tools or heat, making it hassle-free and unlimited. Additionally, all parts of the boot are soft and covered, providing a gentle and comfortable fit. The boot is washable and easy to adjust for any condition. Lastly, the bottom sole is covered for easy transfers, making it convenient and user-friendly.

  • The Flex-E-Core technology allows for effortless adjustment, simply by bending with your hand to obtain a personalized fit.
  • Its range can be adjusted from 30° dorsiflexion to 30° plantarflexion using the side adjustment straps, ensuring the desired position is maintained.
  • The splint also offers relief for the heel when lying down, as it allows the heel to 'float' within the splint.
  • The splint is user-friendly and comes with a soft and washable liner. The walking sole is soft and ideal for indoor use.


  • Adult size for Men : 5 to 12.5 cm
  • Adult size for Women : 13 to 30 cm

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