Ableware Combination Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn, 24 Inches

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The Ableware Combination Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn is a versatile tool designed to assist individuals with limited mobility or dexterity in dressing themselves comfortably and independently. With a length of 24 inches, this multi-functional device combines the functionalities of a dressing stick and a shoe horn, streamlining the dressing process and promoting greater self-sufficiency.


  • Dual Functionality: This product serves as both a dressing stick and a shoe horn, providing comprehensive assistance in two essential aspects of dressing routines.
  • 24-Inch Length: The elongated design offers extended reach, enabling users to access clothing and footwear with greater ease, especially those with limited mobility or flexibility.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials, the dressing stick and shoe horn ensure durability and reliability, capable of withstanding frequent use.
  • Non-Slip Grip: The handle features a non-slip surface, enhancing control and stability during use, even for individuals with limited hand strength or coordination.
  • Smooth Finish: The smooth finish of the dressing stick and shoe horn prevents snags and snags on clothing, ensuring a hassle-free dressing experience.
  • Compact Design: Despite its dual functionality, the compact design of the product makes it easy to store and transport, ideal for home use or travel.


  • Brand: Ableware
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 24 Inches
  • Latex-Free: Yes