Skil-Care Restraining Belt Cushioned

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Skil-Care Restraining Belt Cushioned is a medical restraint belt designed to provide secure and padded restraint for individuals with specific care needs. This belt is commonly used in healthcare settings to prevent unintended movements or to assist in positioning. The cushioned design aims to prioritize user comfort while ensuring safety during patient care. It's essential to use such devices under the guidance and supervision of healthcare professionals to ensure proper and ethical use.

  • Tie Closure.
  • Foam padded for resident comfort.
  • Easy to apply in a wheelchair or bed.
  • In bed, the tie closure allows the resident to roll from side to side.
  • Durable and completely launderable.
  • Universally sized.


  • Brand: Skil-Care
  • Dimensions: 23 Inches (L) x 6 Inches (H)
  • Length of the straps: 84 Inches