Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe

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Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe is a protective and supportive footwear solution designed for individuals with a cast or bandaged foot. This cast shoe is built with a durable and lightweight construction, ensuring crucial protection for the cast while facilitating mobility.Its open toe design ensures proper ventilation and allows for easy inspection of the toes, while the non-skid sole offers stability and slip resistance. Body Armor Cast Shoe is a reliable choice for those recovering from foot injuries, offering comfort and security during the healing process.

  • Enhanced design with sturdier low-profile buttons, a more secure locking mechanism, a reinforced bungee system, and a redesigned body for improved adaptation to the foot.
  • The EVA Unibody Design guarantees exceptional shock absorption, safeguarding the cast from external elements.
  • The Unique Bungee Closure System is effortless to use and adjust, ensuring effective security for the cast within the shoe.
  • A Built-in Toe Guard offers toe protection and blocks debris from entering the toe area.
  • Offers a distinctive style that stands out and functionality that distinguishes it from others.
  • Suitable for cast protection and bulky bandage protection.


  • Brand: Darco
  • Sizes: X-Small(Women's:3-5 inches), Medium(Women's:8.5-10 inches,Men's:6-8 inches)
  • Weight: 0.6 lb
  • Type: Cast Protector

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