DonJoy Hinged Knee Support Sleeve With Open Popliteal and Horseshoe

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DonJoy Hinged Knee Support Sleeve with Open Popliteal Horseshoe x-small is designed with a special Drytex material, this sleeve offers superior airflow compared to traditional Neoprene supports. It provides compression and stability while remaining breathable, perfect for those in warm climates. Designed for mild to moderate stability needs, it's tailored with precise measurements to ensure a snug fit. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome support with our innovative knee sleeve!


  • Material Composition: Designed from Drytex, a Neoprene alternative, this knee support sleeve boasts a unique blend of nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric. This composition guarantees durability, flexibility, and improved airflow for prolonged wear.
  • Breathability: Prioritizing breathability, the sleeve's design facilitates unrestricted airflow, crucial for maintaining comfort even in warm weather conditions, ensuring prolonged use remains comfortable.
  • Compression and Support: Despite its lightweight design, the sleeve offers substantial compression and support to the knee joint, aiding in managing mild to moderate medial lateral instability. This support enhances stability, fostering confidence during physical activities.
  • Open Popliteal Design: Featuring an open popliteal design, the sleeve ensures additional comfort and flexibility behind the knee, preventing discomfort or bunching for a secure yet comfortable fit.
  • Horseshoe Design: With its horseshoe design, the sleeve provides targeted support to the patella, enhancing stability and promoting proper alignment during movement.


  • Brand: DonJoy
  • Size: X-Small