Donjoy Lateral Knee Support Right, Medium

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Donjoy Lateral Knee Support Right, Medium helps to find relief from knee discomfort. This specialized knee support is designed to address patellar issues like subluxation, dislocation, and malalignment. A tubular Lateral J buttress provides targeted support alongside medial and lateral stays for optimal stability. Choose between warm, compressive neoprene or cool, breathable Drytex construction for the ideal level of comfort.

  • Targeted Patella Support: The tubular Lateral J buttress effectively addresses lateral dislocations, subluxations, and improper patella tracking.
  • Stabilized Comfort: Features lateral/medial straps and dual spiral stays for superior all-around knee stability.
  • Breathable or Compressive: Choose between a warm, compressive Neoprene construction or a cool, breathable Drytex option.


  • Brand: Donjoy
  • Size: Medium
  • Side: Right
  • Materials: Neoprene, Drytex
  • Condition: Designed for acute patellar subluxation/dislocation