Drive Medical Back Cushion General Use Adjustable Tension

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The Drive Medical Back Cushion General Use Adjustable Tension is a versatile and ergonomic cushion designed to provide support and comfort for individuals seated in chairs or wheelchairs. Featuring adjustable tension straps, this cushion allows users to customize the level of support and firmness to meet their specific needs. With its contoured design and high-quality materials, it promotes proper posture and helps alleviate pressure on the lower back, providing relief and comfort during extended periods of sitting.

  • Perfect solution for patients with mild positioning needs.
  • Accommodates kyphosis, rotation, scoliosis.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Fully adjustable in all positions to accommodate most patients.
  • 1 Inch thick high density foam pad provides optimal pressure redistribution and patient comfort.
  • Secures directly over wheelchair canes for added strength, stability and safety.
  • Folds with the wheelchair.
  • Handy back pocket is great for carrying keys, water bottle, tissues and more.
  • Breathable cover is fluid resistant and easy to clean and maintain.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Cover: Fluid resistant, easy to clean, water proof Nylon
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs