Drive Medical Easy-Release 2 Button Folding Walker Youth

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The Drive Medical Easy-Release 2 Button Folding Walker Youth is a versatile and adaptable mobility aid specially crafted for younger users. Featuring a simple 2-button folding system, this walker ensures effortless portability and convenient storage. Tailored for youth or individuals of smaller stature, it delivers dependable support and steadiness, presenting an accessible solution tailored to the needs of younger users seeking a folding walker.

  • Crafted prioritizing safety and ease, our Drive Medical Easy-Release 2 Button Folding Walker Youth. incorporates push-button mechanisms accessible via fingers, palms, or even the side of the hand for added convenience.
  • The inclusion of vinyl contoured hand grips ensures enhanced comfort during use.
  • The grip pads on the bottom of the walker platform prevent it from slipping or sliding, ensuring safety while walking.
  • The inventive U-shaped frame design allows for greater clearance, enabling individuals to bring the walker closer, providing enhanced support when rising or standing up.
  • The folding walker boasts robust anodized, extruded aluminum construction with a 1-inch diameter, providing exceptional strength while maintaining a lightweight design.
  • The folding walker offers adjustable height settings, ranging from 25 inches to 32 inches for personalized comfort and suitability.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Adjusts from: 25 - 32 inches
  • Weight Capacity:300 lbs
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs