Drive Medical Hand Held Shower Spray with Diverter Valve

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The Drive Medical Hand Held Shower Spray with Diverter Valve is a versatile bathroom accessory designed to provide added convenience and accessibility. It features a hand-held shower spray that can be easily attached to existing showerheads or faucets, allowing users to direct water flow precisely where needed. The diverter valve enables seamless switching between the regular showerhead and the hand-held spray, catering to individual preferences and needs. With its adjustable settings and easy installation, this product offers a customizable and user-friendly bathing experience for individuals with mobility challenges or those seeking enhanced comfort.

  • Equipped with a diverter valve, this product enables the option for either traditional shower head function or use as a handheld shower spray.
  • For added convenience, there is an On/Off switch conveniently built into the handle.
  • The set also includes a wall holder and an extra-long 80-inch white reinforced nylon hose for ease of use.


  • Brand : Drive Medical
  • Style : Traditional
  • Shape : Round
  • Material : Plastic
  • Finish Type : White/Off-White