Drive Medical Nimbo Forearm Platform Mounting Bracket Small 1 pack

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The Drive Medical Nimbo Forearm Platform Mounting Bracket is an accessory designed to support the Nimbo Forearm Platform. It provides secure and reliable attachment, enhancing the mobility aid experience. This small-sized bracket is crafted for specific needs and ensures easy installation, allowing users to customize and upgrade their Nimbo Forearm Platform for improved comfort and support during use.


  • Adjustable in height and depth; Made from lightweight aluminum Handgrips have the flexibility to extend forward or backward, enabling supination, pronation, and angle adjustments.
  • Various mounting positions are available, either inside or outside of the handlebar, offering lateral adjustment flexibility.
  • You get extra lateral range with the included spacers, and the contoured armrest has a flexible edge and hook-and-loop fastener straps to prevent arms from slipping.
  • Spacers extend lateral range for customization, while the contoured armrest with flexible edges and hook-and-loop fastener straps ensures secure, slip-resistant support for user comfort and stability.


  • Armrest length: 127mm (5 Inches)
  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Armrest height (from handlebar): 89-114mm (3 1/2 - 4 1/2 Inches)

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