Drive Medical Bariatic Sentra Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchair with 30-inch Desk Arms

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Drive Medical Bariatic Sentra Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchair With 30 inch Desk Arms, boasting a remarkable 700 lb. weight capacity. Crafted from carbon steel with TRIPLE coated chrome, its chip-proof finish ensures long-lasting attractiveness. Reinforced steel gussets at crucial points provide unmatched strength, while durable nylon upholstery offers resilience. Enjoy comfort and support with extra-large padded armrests, coupled with maintenance-free steel spoke wheels and precision sealed wheel bearings for reliability. Heavy-duty aluminum footplates offer maximum support and crack-proof durability. Adjustable flat-free 8 inch front casters and reinforced components ensure stability.


  • Weight Capacity:It Ensures sturdy support for users with heavy-duty requirements.
  • Carbon Steel Frame: Features a triple coated chrome finish, making it chip-proof and easy to maintain while adding an attractive look.
  • Reinforced Steel Gussets: Positioned at all weight-bearing points, providing additional strength and durability.
  • Durable Upholstery: Reinforced nylon upholstery withstands regular use and offers long-lasting comfort.
  • Extra-Large Padded Armrests: Provides ample support and comfort for users.
  • Steel Spoke Wheels: Strong and maintenance-free, ensuring smooth mobility.
  • Precision Sealed Wheel Bearings: Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability for both front and rear wheels.
  • Extra Large Heavy Duty Aluminum Footplates: Offer maximum support, durability, and crack-proof construction.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Color: Black
  • Desk-Arm Length: 30 inch
  • Weight Capacity : 700 lbs

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