Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

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Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail is a practical bathroom safety accessory meticulously designed to boost stability and support. It is usually installed around the toilet, offering users sturdy handholds for assistance while sitting down or standing up. This safety rail is adjustable to fit most standard toilets and showcases a durable construction for long-lasting use. Tailored for individuals with mobility challenges or those recovering from surgery, the Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail stands as a reliable aid to promote independence and safety in the bathroom.

  • This product enables people to securely use a chair or rise to a standing position.
  • Its simple construction and setup make it hassle-free.
  • Additionally, it is equipped with cushioned grips to provide a comfortable experience.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 18 inches x 24 inches x 27 inches
  • Pipe Diameter: 1 inch