Drive Medical Viper GT 16 Inches Detachable Desk Arms Reclining Wheelchair

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Drive Medical Viper GT 16 Inches Detachable Desk Arms Reclining Wheelchair combines versatility and comfort for individuals with mobility needs. With a 16-inch seat width, this wheelchair is designed to provide a comfortable fit. It features detachable desk arms for easy access, and its reclining function adds an extra level of comfort for the user. The Viper GT is known for its durable construction and reliable performance, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a customizable and comfortable reclining wheelchair.
  • Viper Plus Reclining Wheelchair Built-in seat rail extension and extendable upholstery easily adjusts seat depth of 16 inches .
  • Attendant wheel locks in a convenient and easily accessible location.
  • Spreader bar acts as a back stabilizer and a convenient push handle for the attendant.
  • Offset rear wheel position adds additional stability and equally distributes the patient's weight while in the various reclining positions.
  • Durable flame-retardant nylon upholstery resists mildew and bacteria.
  • Carbon steel frame with double-coated chrome for an attractive chip-proof maintainable finish.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Seat width: 16 Inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height: 50 inches
  • Seat to floor height: 17.5 X 19.5 inches
  • Back Height: 23 inches

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