Graham Field Dual Head Stethoscope 22 Inch, Green, 2 Pack

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Introducing our Graham Field Dual Head Green Stethoscope with its vibrant green color and 22 inches tubing, this stethoscope stands out while providing ample length for versatile use. Switch effortlessly between bell and diaphragm with a simple turn of the stem, ensuring patient comfort with the non-chill Ford bell. Crafted with chrome-plated brass binaural, it guarantees durability and clear sound transmission. Whether in clinical settings or on-the-go, its functionality and striking design make it a must-have tool for any healthcare practitioner.


  • Stainless steel dual head chestpiece with non-chill ring enhances patient comfort during examinations.
  • Internal spring binaurals ensure superior acoustic sensitivity for accurate auscultation.
  • 22-inch latex-free tubing preserves acoustic sound integrity, even in noisy environments.
  • Includes two pairs of contoured eartips for personalized fit and comfort.
  • Comparable to the 3M Littmann 3M2201 model, offering similar quality and performance.


  • Brand: Graham Field 
  • Type: Dual Head Stethoscope
  • Color: Green
  • Tubing Length: 22 inches
  • Bell Type: Non-chill Ford bell
  • Binaural Material: Chrome plated brass