Dynarex Mouth/Throat 8 Inches Cotton-Tipped Applicators, Box of 100, Non-Sterile

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The Dynarex Mouth/Throat 8 Inches Cotton-Tipped Applicators, Box of 100, Non-Sterile, are medical-grade disposable tools designed for oral care procedures. These applicators feature a cotton-tipped end that is 8 inches long, making them suitable for reaching deep into the mouth and throat areas. In medical and healthcare environments, these cotton-tipped applicators are versatile tools utilized for a range of tasks including collecting specimens, administering topical medications, wound cleansing, and conducting thorough oral examinations.As non-sterile applicators, they are typically used for non-invasive procedures where sterility is not required. These applicators provide a convenient and hygienic solution for healthcare professionals to perform oral care tasks effectively and safely.

  • Crafted with the specific purpose of safely and efficiently collecting specimens from the mouth or throat, these premium applicators prioritize safety as their utmost concern.
  • Designed with a sturdy plastic body, these applicators ensure optimal reliability.
  • Suited for both medical environments and home self-sampling, these applicators are versatile.
  • With no natural rubber latex included, these applicators ensure safety for various users.
  • With a soft cotton tip included, these applicators improve comfort while sampling.


  • Brand: Dynarex
  • Length: 8 Inches
  • Quantity in Box: 100
  • Sterile (Y/N): No
  • Contains Natural Rubber Latex (Y/N): No
  • Box Weight (lbs): 0.6