Dynarex Pro-Shield Face Masks with Ear Loop, Box of 50

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The Dynarex Pro-Shield Face Masks with Ear Loop are protective masks designed for various healthcare and procedural purposes. Featuring ear loops for easy and secure attachment, these masks consist of three layers to provide effective filtration. They create a shield against breathing droplets, lowering the chance of spreading infections.Commonly used in medical procedures, examinations, and general healthcare settings, these masks offer protection for both the wearer and others. With a comfortable fit and reliable construction, they contribute to infection control measures by helping prevent the spread of airborne particles, making them essential in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.

  • Ear Loops: Elastic loops are designed to secure the mask over the ears, providing a secure fit.
  • Nose Clip: A metal or plastic strip embedded in the mask that can be shaped to the contour of the nose for a snug fit and to prevent air leakage.
  • Three-Layer Construction: Many face masks have a three-layer design for enhanced protection.
  • Fluid Resistance: Some masks are designed to resist penetration by fluids, offering an additional layer of protection against splashes and sprays.
  • Filtering Efficiency: Masks may have a specific filtration efficiency rating, such as ASTM Level 1, 2, or 3, indicating the level of barrier protection.
  • Breathability: Masks are designed to balance filtration efficiency with breathability to ensure comfort during prolonged use.


  • Brand: Dynarex
  • Color: Blue with Face Shield
  • Contains Natural Rubber Latex (Y/N): No
  • Sterile (Y/N): No