Therafin Economy Arm Trough with Economy Bracket

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The Therafin Economy Arm Trough with Economy Bracket is designed to provide support and comfort for individuals needing arm support. This arm trough, along with its economy bracket, offers a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. It is suitable for use in various settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and homecare environments. The trough is ergonomically designed to cradle the arm comfortably, promoting proper positioning and reducing strain.

  • Economy Design: Cost-effective solution for arm support.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for durability.
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design cradles the arm comfortably.
  • Bracket Included: Comes with an economy bracket for easy installation.
  • Versatile: Suitable for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and home care settings.
  • Supportive: Promotes proper arm positioning and reduces strain.


  • Brand: Therafin
  • Product Name: Economy Arm Trough
  • Bracket Type: Economy