Egg Gripper, Hand Grip Strength Trainer, Stress Ball for Kids and Adults, Hand Therapy Ball Squishy Squeezer .

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Set of 3 Egg Gripper Finger Resistance Exercise Squeezer Hand Therapy Ball Squishy Hand Grip Strength Trainer Stress Ball for Adults and Kids.

PORTABLE & EASY TO USE - These hand grip strengtheners are suited for all three major grip training types and can be used for squeezing. You can use the hand strengthening ball at anywhere/anytime - desk, stuck in traffic, walking, on the treadmill, etc.

INJURY REHABILITATION- If you are trying to build strength in your forearms, wrists or fingers after injury, these hand therapy grippers can also be used as massagers, especially for arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke rehab, tennis or golfers elbow.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN- These premium hand exercisers are made from BPA-Free silicone gel. The balls are perfectly in your hands due to their small size and superb design. Finger impressions ensure maximum comfort.

SUITABLE FOR ANYONE - Ideal to increase anyone's hand strength for rock climbing, tennis, bodybuilding, and golf and can also be used as a fidget toy for ADHD or Autism Kids or Adults.

DURABLE MATERIAL: The hand exercise balls will keep their original shape after being repeatedly compressed. This product is also covered by Eholder's LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Brand: ALL4U


- Develop hand strength and dexterity with Eholder Hand Resistance Balls.
- Shoulder Therapy Balls are widely used in rehabilitation and sports/ exercise environments alike. Use the two varied resistance balls as part of a progressive resistance training program following an accident or injury to help build up strength and dexterity in the hands and fingers.
- The exercise balls are not only for developing wrist movement and flexibility post-surgery, increasing muscle tone and strength in the targeted areas but help to relieve stress, ADHD & Autism.
- In addition, used in a fitness environment, the squeeze stress balls can help train the forearms, hands and fingers to increase general strength and dexterity, improving grip and functionality.

Why Choose Eholder Hand Exercise Balls?
- Manufactured from high-quality silicone, the hand therapy balls are portable, easy to clean and come in a sealable blister pack for easy and practical storage.
- Ideal for home, gym or clinic use, the therapy balls can not only be used as a stress relief tool but are also invaluable in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, osteoarthritis and RSI to help relieve pain and discomfort.

- Pack Contents: 3 balls
- Color: multicolour
- Material: Silicone gel