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* Padded Toilet Seat: cushy seating area of the safety height chair provides a comfortable sitting posture while helping in minimizing pressure on the lower body when you sit on a commode

* Designed for Comfort: made of soft padded foam, the commode seat cushion increases the comfort for differently abled people or for those who spend long periods on the commode

* Medical Benefits: foam padded toilet seat is an ideal solution for differently abled or elderly people. Toilet seat cushion also provides warmth in cold and winter seasons

* Fits most standard and elongated toilets and commode seats
* Firm foam padding provides comfort and prevents the cushion from bottoming out
* Adjustable hook and loop closures hold the cushion securely in place
* Cover can be easily wiped clean
* Lightweight and portable 

* Size: 14 x 16 x 4

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