Emergency Wall Communicator

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The Emergency Wall Communicator is a LogicMark two-way communicator designed for emergency use. It is intended to work with LogicMark's line of FreedomAlert and LifeSentry personal emergency response systems, which operate at 1.9GHz using DECT communication technology. Please note, this accessory will not function alone and requires compatibility with the aforementioned systems.


  • Emergency Communication: Provides two-way communication for emergencies.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with LogicMark's FreedomAlert and LifeSentry systems.
  • Technology: Operates at 1.9GHz using DECT communication technology.
  • Accessory: Requires a compatible base system and will not function independently.


  • Compatibility: LogicMark FreedomAlert and LifeSentry systems
  • Communication Technology: DECT at 1.9GHz