Fabrication Enterprises Padded Transfer Belt, Side Release Buckle, Large, Black

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Fabrication Enterprises padded transfer belts play a crucial role in facilitating patient transfers with an emphasis on both comfort and dignity. These belts prioritize the safety of both the patient and caregiver, featuring 6-inch wide pads with four handle loops strategically spaced for secure grip points. The belts come in color-coded sizes, ensuring quick identification in a rehab department setting. Additionally, they are available with a convenient plastic side-release buckle for easy and efficient use.

  • Padded Design: Padded transfer belts often have a cushioned or padded section to provide comfort for the user during transfers.
  •  Multiple Sizes: The size indicates that the belt is designed to fit a specific range of waist sizes.
  •  Multi Color : The color coding may be used for quick identification of the size or type of the belt. Different colors may correspond to different sizes or specifications.
  •  Side Release Buckle: The side release buckle is a type of buckle that can be opened quickly by pressing both sides simultaneously. This design is often chosen for its ease of use, making it convenient for caregivers during transfers.
  •  Durable Material: Transfer belts are typically made from durable and easy-to-clean materials to ensure longevity and hygiene.
  •  Safety During Transfers: Padded transfer belts provide a secure and comfortable grip for caregivers, assisting in the safe transfer of individuals from one surface to another.
  •  Comfort for the User: The padded design enhances comfort for the person wearing the belt, particularly if they have mobility challenges.
  •  Easy Identification: The color-coded system makes it easy for caregivers to quickly identify the size or type of the belt they need.
  •  Quick Release: The side release buckle allows for a swift and hassle-free removal of the belt after a transfer.


  • Brand: Fabrication Enterprises
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black
  • Product Height: 6 Inches
  • Product Width: 1 Inch
  • Product Length: 40-64 Inches