Vive Health Face Ice Wrap, 4 Hot/Cold Gel Packs

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The Vive Health Face Ice Wrap offers soothing relief for facial pain, swelling, and discomfort with its innovative design and versatile hot/cold gel packs. Made from soft neoprene material, this hands-free wrap conforms comfortably to the contours of the face, providing targeted therapy where it's needed most. Equipped with four hot/cold gel packs, this wrap can be used interchangeably to deliver either cooling or heating therapy, depending on your needs. Whether you're recovering from dental procedures, managing sinus pain, or simply seeking relief from facial tension, the Vive Health Face Ice Wrap provides convenient and effective therapy.


  • Versatile Therapy: Offers both hot and cold therapy options to address a variety of facial discomforts, including pain, swelling, and tension.
  • Hands-Free Design: Allows for hassle-free application and use, enabling you to move around comfortably while receiving therapy.
  • Soft Neoprene Material: Constructed from soft neoprene material that conforms gently to the contours of the face for maximum comfort.
  • Four Gel Packs: Includes four hot/cold gel packs that can be easily inserted into the wrap for targeted therapy and customized relief.
  • Adjustable Straps: Features adjustable straps for a secure and customizable fit, ensuring optimal compression and therapy delivery.
  • Reusable and Durable: Made from durable materials for long-lasting use, allowing you to reuse the wrap multiple times for ongoing relief.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, simply hand wash the wrap and air dry between uses to keep it fresh and hygienic.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Includes: 4 Hot/Cold Gel Packs
  • Product Dimensions: 32.48 Inches(L) x 5.5 Inches(W)
  • Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Materials: Latex-free neoprene, polyester, nylon, spandex blend