Foldable Reacher GrabFoldable Reacher Grabber Mobility Aid Tool 32inch

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The suction cup grabber gripper is an excellent feature for those with arthritis, back pain and sore knees, making it stress-free to reach objects in hard-to-get places.

Unique trigger-action design may be easy to manipulate.

A foldable body and a hole in the handle ensure easy storage and carrying.

Multi-purpose pick-up and clean tools are excellent for inside and outside a home; rust-proof.

Features lightweight aluminium and plastic construction for a sleek profile that reaches into tight spaces.


Brand: ALL4U


Foldable Pick-Up Reaching Claw Long Arm Gripper Helping Hand Tool


Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, ABS Fold

Size:16.5'' x 5.9'' Unfold size: 32.7'' x 4.9'' 


1. Unique trigger-action design, easy to manipulate.

2. Foldable body, a hole on the handle, ensure easy storage and carrying.

3. Turn the on-off switch on the handle; it can keep the object being held or released.

4. Ultra-light aluminium alloy body, sturdy and durable Soft rub plunger, can pick up many things, even those hard to pick up by hand.

5. Applicable to gardens, hotels, environmental sanitation and other places. 


Package Included: 

1 x Foldable Gripper