Foldable Telescopic Reacher Grabber with Arm Extension

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Foldable Telescopic Reacher Grabber Gripper Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool Trash Picker Litter Garden Picker Nabber Arm Extension for Disable


Picking up items: You can pick up items from the floor, top shelf, outdoor lawn, trash can, behind furniture, or other hard-to-reach places.

Ergonomic trigger: Padded with a soft, non-slip pad, the contour of the trigger grip fits comfortably in either hand. Comfortable and easy to use, the ergonomic textured handle provides a firm grip when retrieving heavier objects.

Easy to grab: Grabs quickly pick up items, pick up coins, envelopes, trash, etc., quickly pull the trigger, start work, reduce labour intensity, and make our work easier.

High-quality materials: The use of lightweight metal materials to reduce labour intensity, arthritis, and carpel tunnel syndrome requires such an easy-to-use product.

Reacher gripper: It is designed to quickly pick up items from the back, floor, lawn or furniture. Save your back and avoid stepping on the stool. It's also great for picking up trash or other items you don't want to touch.


Ultra-light aluminum body, lightweight, sturdy and durable.
Unique foldable design that folds into two halves for storage.
The non-slip rubber suction cup is designed to have the most potent force and is not easy to fall off.
The maximum opening angle can be up to 10cm or more.
Switch. Explicitly designed for folder position locking, locking the lock on the handle to the closed position keeps the clip clamped.

Where can you use it?
Used at work, at home, in the yard or in the water.
Can pick up cigarettes and other small items weighing up to 400 grams.
Ideal for collecting cigarettes and parking tickets. 
Ideal for ground garbage collection.
When you have to pick up some broken glass, rubbish or safety tools when replacing the bulb.
Very suitable for picking up trash, reaching high places, elevated, etc.


Material: aluminium alloy
Expanded length: 81 cm / 32 inches
Folding length: 40 cm / 16 inches
color: Blue

Packaging Includes:
1 x Reacher Grabber