Vive Health Full Head Ice Wrap, 4 Hot/Cold Gel Packs, Secure Tab, Up To 30"

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Exceptionally soft, the Vive full head ice wrap surrounds your aching head with soothing warmth or with icy coolness to relieve stress, tension, headaches and migraine pain. The full head ice wrap includes four flexible when frozen Arctic Flex gel packs that conform to the curves of the head for targeted relief. Sized to fit head circumferences up to 30” the head wrap cover is made with a soft neoprene blend that is machine washable for easy cleaning.


  • Complete Pain Relief
    Providing soothing coolness to the head, the Vive full head ice wrap surrounds the sides, top and back of the head with four Arctic Flex packs for targeted relief of headaches, stress and sinus pressure. The full head wrap is also useful for cooling fevers and reducing swelling and bruising due to dental work, surgery or injury.

  • Soothing Hot Or Cold Therapy
    Easily heat or cool the Arctic Flex gel packs for customizable hot or cold therapy to relieve painful headaches. The full head wrap includes four latex-free ice packs, each filled with a unique gel that remains flexible when frozen to contour to the shape of the head for targeted relief. 

  • Adjustable Wrap
    Designed to rest above or below the eyes with 360° coverage, the full head ice wrap fits head circumference up to 30” to comfortably fit most adults. A small opening in the back that reduces bulkiness when fitted on smaller heads and also accommodated ponytails and braids. The soft head ice wrap is easily secured in place with a strong fastener material for a comfortable, flexible fit.

  • Machine Washable Comfort Blend
    Constructed with a soft lining and a sturdy neoprene blend exterior, the full head ice wrap cover features multiple pockets for securing each of the four gel packs to prevent direct contact with the skin. The comfortable wrap is machine washable for easy cleaning as needed. 

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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