PediFix GelSmart Toe Spacers, Small, Pack of 4

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The PediFix GelSmart Toe Spacers Small Pack of 4 provides effective relief and alignment for toes, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote proper positioning. These toe spacers are designed for small-sized toes, offering gentle cushioning and support.


  • Toes Alignment: Helps to separate and align toes, reducing pressure and friction.
  • GelSmart Gel Material: Made from soft and flexible gel for comfortable cushioning.
  • Reusable: Can be washed and reused multiple times, ensuring durability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Compact Design: Fits discreetly inside most shoes for comfortable daily wear.
  • Latex-Free: Suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.


  • Brand: PediFix
  • Size: Small
  • Material: Gel
  • Weight: 0.20 lbs
  • Quantity: Pack of 4 toe spacers