Good 2 GoTM Moist Heat Pad Shoulder 13 x 14

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  • Good2go Large 13 X 14
  • Plush Multi-ply Cover Design Focuses Moist Heat Right Where You Need It Most
  • Joint-specific Or Multi-use Shapes For A Snug Secure Fit
  • Portability Convenience And Economy In A Reusable Unit That Will Last For Years
  • Patented Non-allergenic Fill Does Not Leak Smell Decay Or Encourage Fungus Growth
  • Fill Has A Special Porous Surface To Trap The Maximum Amount Of Atmospheric Moisture
  • Wide Elastic Strap Holds Heat Snugly In Place While You Continue Regular Activities
  • Mitt Is Filled With Two Soft Gel-packs That can be heated or frozen as needed to surround your hand with either hot or cold therapy