Grafco Illuminated Snellen Eye Chart, 10 Feet Distance

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The Snellen Non-Reflective Eye Exam Chart by Grafco is an invaluable tool for assessing the fundamental understanding of blurred vision. Crafted from non-reflective materials, these eye charts ensure accurate readings without any glare. Positioned 10 feet away from the chart, patients begin reading the letters, progressing down to the 11th row. This allows ophthalmologists to make recommendations for corrective lenses or additional medical intervention as necessary. Featuring a built-in eyelet at the top center, the chart offers effortless hanging and removal options, allowing for convenient placement using a nail, thumbtack, or string.

  • Non-Reflective Surface: Eliminates glare for precise eye examinations, ensuring accurate readings.
  • Matte Finish:Facilitates an accurate eye examination, providing reliable results without any reflections.
  • Grommet at Top Center:Allows for easy hanging and removal of the chart using a nail, thumbtack, or string, ensuring convenience during setup.
  • Gradually Decreasing Letter Size: Aids in determining eyesight, enabling precise assessment of visual acuity as patients progress through the chart.
  • Color Bars: Green and red color bars assist individuals with poor vision, aiding in differentiation and comprehension of letters and symbols.


  • Brand: Grafco
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Eye Chart
  • Size: 14 L x 9 W Inches
  • Room Type: ‎Living Room

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