Grafco Illuminated Snellen Eye Chart, 10 Feet Distance

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The Grafco Illuminated Snellen Eye Chart, designed for a 10 feet distance, is a diagnostic tool used by healthcare professionals to assess visual acuity. Featuring standardized letters and numbers in varying sizes, it allows for precise measurement of a person's ability to see details at specific distances. The chart is equipped with illumination, ensuring consistent lighting conditions for accurate assessments. By evaluating a person's ability to read the chart, healthcare providers can detect vision issues and prescribe appropriate corrective measures.

  • Non-Reflective Surface: Eliminates glare for precise eye examinations, ensuring accurate readings.
  • Matte Finish:Facilitates an accurate eye examination, providing reliable results without any reflections.
  • Grommet at Top Center:Allows for easy hanging and removal of the chart using a nail, thumbtack, or string, ensuring convenience during setup.
  • Gradually Decreasing Letter Size: Aids in determining eyesight, enabling precise assessment of visual acuity as patients progress through the chart.
  • Color Bars: Green and red color bars assist individuals with poor vision, aiding in differentiation and comprehension of letters and symbols.


  • Brand: Grafco
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Eye Chart
  • Size: 14 L x 9 W Inches
  • Room Type: ‎Living Room