Tynor Gripping Hand Splint Right

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Tynor Gripping Hand Splint is a specially designed orthopedic aid aimed at providing support and therapeutic intervention for individuals experiencing hand-related issues. Crafted with advanced Flex-e-core technology, this splint offers an innovative approach to hand splinting, enabling easy customization without the need for heat or tools. Ensuring a swift return to normal range of motion (ROM). With a focus on maintaining hand and finger positioning in a functional "C" shape, this splint effectively controls radial and ulnar deviations, adjusting flexibly up to 90 degrees.

  • Flex-e-core Technology: Innovative technology enables easy customization of the splint without the need for heat or tools.
  • Rapid Contracture Treatment: Specially designed to treat severe contractures swiftly, promoting rapid restoration of normal range of motion.
  • Five Progressive Roll Sizes: Offers flexibility and adaptability with five roll sizes, ensuring progressive and effective treatment.
  • Maintains Functional Hand Positioning: Supports hand and finger positioning in a functional "C" shape, aiding in maintaining optimal functionality.
  • Controls Radial and Ulnar Deviations: Effectively controls deviations while allowing flexibility of up to 90 degrees for personalized support.
  • Easy On and Off Application: User-friendly design facilitates easy application and removal, enhancing convenience for both patients and caregivers.


  • Brand: Tynor
  • Hand: Right
  • Size: Large
  • Roll Sizes: Five progressive options
  • Adjustment: Up to 90 degrees