Golden Technologies Handy Handle Red

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Eliminate awkward arm pulling and underarm grabbing with the Stander Handy Handle. This handle provides extra leverage while standing to prevent strain on a caretaker's back as they help their loved one get up from a sitting position. The non-slip padded grips give you a comfortable place to hold on as you easily get up and down using less energy. The Handy Handle from Stander is small and portable, making it great to store and take anywhere you need to go.

  • Ergonomic, padded, non-slip grip for comfortable grabbing and transferring
  • Small design allows to be stored or carried around easily
  • Perfect for the home, bathroom, or car
  • Requires less energy to stand than hands alone
  • Choose from red, blue, or ivory


  • Bar Length: 10.5
  • Escutcheon Diameter: 4.5
  • Product Length : 10.5
  • Colour : Red