Heel Wedge Healing Shoe - Large

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  • Large: Men 10 1/2-12
  • Black
  • The Darco Heelwedge Is Clinically Proven To Off-load Pressure From The Heel By Shifting Weight To The Mid And Forefoot To Promote Faster Healing After Surgery Trauma Or When Wounds Or Ulcerations Are Present On The Heel
  • Reduces Heel Pressure By Over 26%!
  • Square Toe Design Acts As A Bumper To Protect The Toes And Provides Better Universal Left/right Fit
  • Ankle Strap Seats Foot Firmly In Shoe To Reduce Heel Slippage And Eliminate Friction
  • Removable Forefoot Closure Provides Security While Eliminating Buckle Pressure
  • Zoned Outsole Has An Aggressive Tread Under The Mid-foot Where Traction Is Needed Most
  • Removable Insole Features Twice The Padding Of Standard Insoles And Can Be Modified As Needed. Insole Can Be Totally Removed To Accommodate Darcos Innovative Peg Assist Customizable Off-loading Insole For An Even More Targeted Off-load
  • Optional Peg-assist Insoles Available: Use 1471a-1471e
  • Hcpcs Suggested Code: L3260

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