Hip Kit 3-Piece, Sock Aid, Shoehorn, Reacher

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Hip Kit 3-Piece, Sock Aid, Shoehorn, Reacher is an essential toolset designed to enhance independence and ease daily tasks for individuals with limited mobility or recovering from surgery. This kit includes a sock aid, shoehorn, and reacher, providing convenient solutions for dressing, footwear, and reaching items without bending or straining.


  • Sock Aid: Assists with putting on socks without bending over.
  • Shoehorn: Facilitates sliding your feet into shoes effortlessly.
  • Reacher: Extends your reach to grab items from high shelves or the floor.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable handles and lightweight construction for easy use.


  • Pieces Included: 3 (Sock Aid, Shoehorn, Reacher)
  • Sizes: Shoehorn(18 inches Long), Reacher(26 inches Long)
  • Materials: Shoehorn(E-Z Metal), Reacher(Aluminium)