Vive Health Ice Therapy Gloves Pack of 2

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Alleviating pain and swelling in the hands and fingers, our Arctic Flex Ice Therapy Gloves provide soothing compression with heat or icy coolness to sore, stiff hands. Great for chemotherapy, arthritis, neuropathy, and repetitive motion injury, the therapy chemo gloves are sized to fit most adults and include soft fabric liners for optimal comfort. The ice therapy mittens are easy to put on and take off and include stretch straps for targeted compression and a secure, nonslip fit.


  • Soothe Sore, Aching Hands
Our Arctic Flex Ice Therapy Gloves provide icy coolness or comforting warmness, with gentle compression to relieve pain, tension, and bruising on the hands. Ideal for chemotherapy, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, tendonitis, and arthritis, each set includes two cold-pack gloves for at-home use.

  • Effective Cryotherapy
Easily warm or cool the Arctic Flex therapy gloves as needed for hot or cold therapy. When frozen, each cold pack glove remains flexible to conform to your hand whether flat, curled or fisted. The versatile gel pack gloves can also be heated in a microwave or similar for soothing heat therapy.

  • Soft Removable Liner
Providing a soft barrier between the clay gel gloves and your sore hands, our Arctic Flex Ice Therapy Gloves include two fabric mitten liners. Use these liners to protect the hands from intense cold and create a more comfortable experience.

  • Open Fit Design
Featuring a wide opening, our ice pack gloves are sized to fit most hands and accommodate moderate swelling. Easy to put on and take off, each ice arthritis glove includes a stretch strap that loops around the hands to provide comfortable compression and a secure fit.

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