Scott Specialties J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer Large,Left

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The Scott Specialties J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer is a specialized support designed to provide stability to the patella. Tailored for the left knee and featuring a secure fit in a large size, it offers effective protection and compression, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking targeted support for patellar-related concerns.


  • J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer: A sleek sleeve measuring 13 inches in length and 1/8th of an inch thick, equipped with two lateral and two medial spiral steel stays for reinforced stability.
  • Designed with a tubular rubber buttress, this stabilizer is engineered to align the patella effectively. Lateral straps, when pulled medially, displace force towards the patella, providing targeted support.
  • Crafted from a unique blend of open-cell sponge rubber and neoprene, this stabilizer offers the perfect balance of breathability, stretch, and compression.
  • Its innovative design allows for efficient perspiration evaporation, complemented by the KwikWick treatment of soft polyester, enhancing moisture management both inside and out.
  • Thanks to a flame lamination process, the KwikWick-treated polyester is securely bonded to the rubber, eliminating the need for industrial adhesives, thus reducing the risk of contact dermatitis.


  • Brand: Scott Specialties
  • Size: Large, Left
  • Weight: 0.72 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16 × 6 × 2 inches

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