Jobst Armsleeve 20-30 mmHg, Beige, Large

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The Jobst Ready To Wear Armsleeve in Beige, Long, and Large size, offers compression therapy with a pressure range of 20-30 mmHg, providing effective support for individuals with lymphedema or circulatory issues in the arm. Crafted with high-quality materials, this sleeve ensures durability and comfort during wear. Its longer length and large size offer full coverage and a snug fit for optimal compression therapy. Whether for daily wear or post-operative recovery, this arm sleeve promotes proper circulation, reduces swelling, and supports the healing process, enhancing comfort and mobility.

  • Gradient Compression: Provides controlled compression greatest at the wrist and gradually decreasing towards the upper arm. This helps improve circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Management of Lymphedema and Edema: Specifically designed for individuals experiencing swelling in the arm due to lymphedema or other forms of edema.
  • Ready-to-Wear: Convenient and pre-made design, eliminating the need for custom fittings.
  • Reduced Compression at the Wrist: Improves comfort and fit when worn with the accompanying gauntlet.
  • Beige Color: Offers a neutral and discreet appearance.


  • Brand: Jobst
  • Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg
  • Color: Beige
  • Length: Long
  • Size: Large
  • Sold Individually: Each package contains one arm sleeve.