Jobst for Men Compression Stockings 20-30 mmHg, Small, Khaki

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Jobst for Men compression socks in 20-30 mmHg are designed to provide effective compression therapy for managing various leg conditions such as mild swelling, varicose veins, or leg fatigue. Specifically tailored for men, these khaki-colored socks in a small size offer both therapeutic benefits and a stylish appearance. Made from high-quality materials, they provide comfortable all-day wear.


  • Effective Compression: Provides 20-30 mmHg compression for managing leg conditions.
  • Designed for Men: Tailored specifically for men for a comfortable fit.
  • Khaki Color: Stylish khaki color for versatile wear.
  • Small Size: Designed to fit small-sized legs comfortably.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable and breathable materials for all-day comfort.
  • All-Day Wear: Suitable for prolonged wear during daily activities.


  • Brand: Jobst
  • Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Khaki