Jobst Opaque Pantyhose 30-40mmHg, Black, Medium

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  • Jobst Opaque Pantyhose, an ultra-soft, fashionable alternative to sheer support hosiery Inconspicuous opaque knit conceals blemishes, scars, or varicose veins Durable reinforced toe and heel Cool and breathable texture provides for year-round comfort Machine wash in a mesh laundry bag or hand wash with warm water using a mild soap or detergent designed for compression stockings
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry Latex free, 71% nylon, 29% spandex 30-40 mmHg (CCL 2) Very Firm Gradient Compression Indication Guide
  • Chronic venous insufficiency Deep vein thrombosis Post-thrombotic syndrome Severe
  • varicose veins Severe edema/lymphedema Venous ulcer Lymphedema Orthostatic hypotension Postural hypotension Helps Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Opaque 30-40 mmHg Pantyhose Size Classic


  • Dimensions : 8.35 x 4.88 x 1.77 inches

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