Fovera Knee Pillow Memory Foam

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The Fovera Knee Pillow Memory Foam offers optimal spinal alignment, alleviating lower back, leg, hip, and joint discomfort. Whether sleeping or sitting, it provides essential support for those enduring such pains. Placing the pillow between the legs ensures parallel alignment of the legs, hips, and spine, promoting improved circulation and reduced pressure on affected areas. Crafted from high-quality memory foam, it swiftly responds to provide instant relief while offering prolonged support through slow memory foam recovery.

  • Ideal for both sleeping and sitting, offering relief for individuals experiencing discomfort in their back, legs, hips, or joints.
  • By positioning the knee pillow between the legs, it maintains parallel alignment of legs, hips, and spine, enhancing circulation and reducing pressure and strain on targeted areas.
  • Crafted from premium memory foam, it swiftly reacts to provide immediate comfort while ensuring prolonged support through slow memory foam recovery.
  • The soft polyester and rayon cover can be easily unzipped for convenient machine washing, ensuring hygiene and longevity.
  • Suitable for sensitive individuals, this knee pillow is hypoallergenic, offering a safe and comfortable solution for all users.
  • Built to last, the knee pillow boasts high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring long-term durability and effectiveness.
  • Suitable for various sleeping positions, the knee pillow adapts to individual needs, providing tailored support and comfort.
  • Experience enhanced sleep quality and overall comfort with this meticulously designed knee pillow, tailored to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation.


  • Brand: Fovera
  • Dimensions: 10 1/2(L) x 8(W) x 7 3/4(H) Inches
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Cover Material: Polyester and Rayon
  • Cover Type: Removable, machine washable
  • Allergen Information: Hypoallergenic