Fabrication Enterprises Shower Stool Non-Rotating

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This Fabrication Enterprises plastic shower stool offers a convenient solution for individuals needing assistance transferring in and out of the shower, providing a secure and comfortable seating option for those with standing difficulties. Its compact dimensions make it perfectly suited for placement in smaller areas, ensuring it can easily fit into bathrooms with limited space available. Featuring height-adjustable legs ranging from 16 to 21 inches (40.64 to 53.24 cm), non-slip feet ensure stability during use. Assembly is effortless and tool-free. With a seat diameter of 15 1/2 inches (39.37 cm), it can support up to 300 lbs. (136.36 kg).

  • Stability: The stool is equipped with non-rotating legs, providing stability and preventing unwanted movement during use.
  • Secure Seating: Its sturdy construction ensures a secure seating option for individuals who may have difficulty standing for extended periods.
  • Height Adjustable: The stool features adjustable legs, enabling users to tailor the height to their liking or requirements, thereby improving comfort and accessibility.
  • Slip-Resistant: Non-slip feet are incorporated into the design to prevent slipping or sliding on wet surfaces, promoting safety during showering.
  • Easy Assembly: The stool is designed for easy assembly without the need for additional tools, simplifying setup and use.
  • Compact Design: Its modest dimensions make it appropriate for utilization in compact shower spaces, improving accessibility within the bathroom without compromising on functionality.


  • Brand : Ableware
  • Material : Plastic
  • Seat diameter: 15 1/2 Inches
  • Height adjustable legs: 16 to 21 Inches
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation : 300 Lbs