Vive Health Kinesiology Tape Pre-cut 2x105 Inches, Black

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Easy to apply, the Vive Kinesiology Tape Strips provide added support to weakened joints and sore muscles for optimal performance throughout daily activities and sporting events. Stabilize the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, back, hip, thighs, knees, calves and feet with tape applications that work to relieve pain and prevent injury. The athletic tape features a strong adhesive that withstands sweat and showers for days of use with a single application. Pre-cut in 10” strips, the Vive kinesiology tape features easy-to-peel paper backing for ultimate convenience.


  • Targeted Support For Muscles And Joints
Our Vive Kinesiology Tape aids in stabilizing muscles and joints to reduce swelling and soreness. Promoting lymphatic drainage and circulation, our pre-cut sports tape also aids in minimizing the risk of injury during workouts, sporting events and daily activities. Ideal for running, weight lifting, CrossFit and yoga, applying sports tape helps to relieve knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel and more.

  • Fuss-Free 10” Strips
Pre-cut in 10” strips, our strong, 2” wide kinesiology tape features a peel-away backing with a grid pattern for easy shaping to effectively support the back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow, thigh, calf and foot. An illustrated guide is also included with suggested placement for common areas of concern.

  • Strong, Long Lasting Adhesive
Staying securely in place throughout intense workouts, athletic events, and rest and recovery time, the Vive athletic tape is backed by a strong, long-lasting adhesive for multi-day use. The athletic tape also stretches and flexes with each movement to ensure a secure application to any area of the body for maximum support.

  • Flexible Water-Resistant Tape
Water and sweat-resistant, V Tape is constructed with a durable fabric blend. Strong, yet flexible, the cotton and spandex body tape is latex-free, lightweight and breathable for greater comfort.

  • Vive Guarantee
60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.