Vive Health Laced Ankle Brace, Medium

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Stabilize and support injured or weak ankles with the VIve laced ankle support. Fully adjustable, the laced ankle brace includes lateral and medial straps for additional support and compression, reducing pain and swelling. The bilateral, low-profile design easily fits in most shoe styles and can be worn on either foot.

  • Support And Protect Your Ankle
Providing medium support and protection for the ankle, the fully adjustable laced ankle brace reduces pain and pressure caused by arthritis, sprains, swelling, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle fatigue, injuries and surgery. Great for everyday wear and for athletic activities such as running, hiking, baseball, tennis, golf, cycling, soccer, basketball and weightlifting.

  • Stabilizing Figure Eight Straps
Dual straps wrap around the brace provide lateral and medial support, eliminating the need for taping up the ankle. The straps are adjustable by utilizing the finger loops to pull the straps securely around the foot and ankle for customized compression support.

  • Fully Adjustable For Maximum Support And Comfort
Available in three sizes, the lace up ankle brace adjusts to provide the perfect amount of compression support. In addition to loosening or tightening the laces, the lateral and medial straps can be adjusted for a comfortable wearing experience. An elastic cuff securely holds the laces and straps in place.

  • Bilateral, Low Profile Design
For use on either the left or right foot, the bilateral design can be worn by men or women. Constructed with a breathable material, the brace must be worn with socks. The low profile, open-heel design allows the brace to easily fit in most styles of shoes.

  • Vive Guarantee
60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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