Advanced Orthopaedics Low Profile Walker Low Top Extra large

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Advanced Orthopaedics Low Profile Walker Low Top. This extra-large walker is designed to support your healing process after soft tissue injuries, sprains, stable fractures, or post-operative care. Its lightweight construction and rocker bottom sole make walking easier and more natural.


  • Lightweight: Reduces strain for increased comfort.
  • Low Profile Design: Offers enhanced maneuverability.
  • Rocker Bottom Sole: Promotes a more natural walking gait.
  • Cushioned Heel: Helps absorb impact for added comfort.
  • Universal Fit: Can be used on either the left or right foot.


  • Brand: Advanced Orthopaedics
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Indications: Soft tissue injuries, grade 2 & 3 sprains, stable fractures, post-operative stabilization
  • Materials: Durable polymer shell, padded liner.