M1 Portal 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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The M1 series mopeds offer high-performance handling and an easy-to-disassemble appearance that can be used anytime, anywhere. It provides you with the ultimate driving experience. Enjoy the perfect positive lifestyle.

Safety maneuverability: With the M1 four-wheel motorized mobility scooter, you can drive comfortably and easily on any smooth surface. Designed to support a weight of 265 pounds safely, the moped features no-turn, trackless tires, a small turning radius, a top speed of 8km/h, and a range of 15-25 km

Comfortable cushion: The ultra-wide seat and back are lightly padded to provide a comfortable cushion. The seats can also be adjusted in height for customizable fit and rotated to facilitate boarding and departure. In addition, the scooter seat is surrounded by two padded handrails

Portable: The mobile scooter was quickly disassembled into four separate parts for easy transport. Equipped with a folding joystick and removable seat, each section can easily fit into the trunk of a standard-size vehicle. The rear is the heaviest, weighing 48kg.

Intuitive control panel: The control panel on the microflow console allows you to set the maximum speed using the changing dial, change the forward direction to the reverse direction, turn on the headlights and make warning sounds as needed. The display also includes a color-coded battery life indicator



1. High-performance operation, easy to disassemble, with flip armrest swivel chair

2. Maximum forward speed: 8km/h, intelligent electromagnetic brake, simple control panel can be easily operated by fingertips or thumb

3. Removable basket with anti-dumping wheel, weight: 120kg (265lbs)

4. Maximum driving slope:10 degrees

, driving distance: 15-25km, charging time: 6-8h

5. Rear suspension with front LED light and rear brake light