Vive Health Magnetic Shoe Closures, Two Sets With Anchor Clips, Pink

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Vive Health Magnetic Shoe Closures - the ultimate solution for eliminating floppy laces and transforming any tie shoe into a hassle-free slip-on. These closures are incredibly easy to install and seamlessly integrate with any tie shoe, thanks to their sleek design and strong magnets. Each package includes two sets of closures along with anchor clips for added convenience. Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional shoelaces and hello to effortless style and functionality with Vive Health Magnetic Shoe Closures.


  • Easy to Install: Bid farewell to complex installations. These closures are simple to install - just thread them through your existing laces and secure them with the included lace anchor clips.
  • Works with Any Tie Shoe: No need to worry about compatibility. Our low-profile magnetic clasps are designed to work seamlessly with any tie shoe, whether it's athletic, casual, or dressy.
  • Fitted with Strong Magnets: Built to last, our closures are fitted with strong N52 magnets, ensuring a secure fit while you walk, jog, or go about your daily activities.
  • Sleek Design: With an oval-shaped design and minimalist appearance, our closures add a touch of style to your shoes. Choose from one of seven solid colours to match your taste.
  • Includes Two Sets: Each package comes with two full sets of magnetic closures and anchor clips, allowing you to experience the convenience across multiple pairs of shoes.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Color: Pink
  • Dimensions: 1.66 x 1.09 x 0.32 inches
  • Materials: Latex-free composite material, N52 magnets
  • What’s Included: Vive Magnetic Shoe Closures- Two pairs, Eight shoelace clips